Is it Time to Upgrade your Home's Electrical Panel?

Of all the things in our home that need maintenance, we rarely think about the home’s electrical panel.

Did you know that some older homes are built with electrical panels that don’t even meet today’s building codes? Routine inspection of your electrical panel is key to avoid any issues or fire hazards. Also be on the lookout for any of these home electrical issues could signify its time to upgrade the electrical panel:


1.    You are remodeling, adding an addition to your home, or installing new appliances.

Any of these things – large remodeling project, home addition, or new large appliances – can consume large quantities of electricity that your current electrical panel may not be prepared to handle. In order to avoid tripping your circuit breakers on a routine basis, upgrade the panel to add amperage.

2.    You suspect electrical wiring issues throughout the home.

Did you know that faulty wiring is a leading cause of home fires in the US? It is important to have your electrical panel and the wiring throughout the home checked by a licensed Plano electrician. Warning signs include sparking or discolored outlets, flickering lights, dimming lights, and a burning smell that will not go away.

3.    You use a ton of extension cords and power strips.

In our day and age, we have tons of devices that we want to plug in; many times we want them all plugged into the same outlet, so we use a power strip or extension cords to do the job. When you notice an overabundance extra cords in your home, it’s a good idea to go ahead and update the panel to add circuits and outlets for efficiency.


If you haven’t had your electrical panel inspected in awhile, give Castle Doctor a call! Our team will come out and inspect the panel, and get you on a regular home maintenance schedule so that never have to worry about it again. Castle Doctor handles all your Plano home maintenance needs so you don’t have to!