Water Heater Tips & Tricks: Vacation Mode

If you are planning to be out of town for any extended period of time this summer, then Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas encourages you to put your water heater in vacation mode.


Why Should I Use My Water Heater’s Vacation Mode?


·      Energy Efficiency: If your home is equipped with a typical water storage-type water heater, then energy efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to using your vacation mode. A typical water heater already heats and then stores the water in the drum at around 60 degrees, mainly because it’s easier to heat 60 degree water to hot than it is to heat cold tap water. When going out of town for a vacation, you do not need your water heater to keep the water at 60 degrees – and waste energy in the process!

·      Cost Savings: If your water heater is not heating water you don’t need, then you are going to see a reduction in your energy costs.

·      Reduced Wear and Tear: Any appliance is subject to wear and tear, and with a water heater, with extended use comes possible corrosion and the build-up of minerals inside the pipes. Take advantage of opportunities of non-usage to reduce the need to call a Plano handyman.


How Do I Set My Water Heater’s Vacation Mode?

The method for setting vacation mode varies based on what type of water heater you have. It is always best to consult your water heater’s instruction manual, but as a general rule of thumb, use these guidelines:

·    Electric Water Heater: Use the temperature dial to turn the temperature all the way down to its lowest setting. Another option: turn it off completely at the circuit panel.

·    Natural Gas Water Heater: Locate the temperature dial and turn it to “vacation mode,” if that setting is available. If not, moving the dial to its lowest setting will provide efficiency while you are gone.

If you suspect a water heater issue or need other home maintenance in Plano, give Castle Doctor a call today for a free home consultation.