What Happens in Your Attic Affects Your Whole Home

The attic is naturally the least-visited and, therefore, least-maintained area of your home and our home maintenance professionals at Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas has tips to consider regarding your attic.

Attic space is a hot commodity when looking for homes to buy or rent as it provides for storage space and all your stuff. However, it’s naturally the least-visited area and, therefore, one of the least-maintained and checked areas of your home. Our handyman professionals at Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas provide these items to consider when it comes to maintaining your attic space.

Our first recommendation at Castle Doctor in Plano is to make regular trips to the attic to make sure everything in is proper shape. Especially if you’re storing things in your attic like most people do, you want ensure your attic is dry and void of any decay. The best way to check for this is to enter your attic during the day so you can see if any sunlight is leaking through. Moreover, you’ll want to inspect for any moisture by checking for rusty nails or black residue on the plywood; these are all signs of moisture and leaks.

If your home has a whole-house fan, you’ll want to do periodic checks on the belts to make sure they’re not dry-rotted and, if necessary, check the oil cap for needed oil. Another item to consider is your vents. In order to avoid condensation or mold, air from the bathroom or dryer needs to vent outside, not into your attic space. Also, check for any outdated or exposed wiring as those pose for great dangers and need to be fixed.

Lastly, Castle Doctor recommends you check to make sure your insulation fits tightly and is in good condition. Any black spotting or markings under the insulation is a sign of your insulation leaking. Our home maintenance professionals can check with various local codes to ensure you have the proper amount of insulation in your attic.

Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas is here to provide any home maintenance items needed in regards to your home attic space. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment and make sure your attic is in proper condition!