Let Castle Doctor Help you Cut Energy Costs

Fall has finally arrived in North Texas, and we are thrilled to feel some cooler air roll in! When the cooler air rolls in, we frequently find ourselves with higher energy costs to heat the home and keep in comfortable, run holiday lights, etc.


Have you done an energy assessment lately? Making a few small changes to your home can keep your costs down and your home more comfortable – not to mention – it’s better for the environment. Here are a few things you can do this Fall in Dallas to prepare for the winter months ahead:


·      Service Your Heating System: Castle Doctor can help assess any maintenance that needs to be done to your furnace or heating system, including filter replacements. It’s also important to check your chimney for cracks, leaks, or issues before you start burning fires this year.

·      Seal Air Leaks: Is your home airtight? Our experts at Castle Doctor can take a look around and address any areas around windows where caulking is loose, add weatherstripping where necessary, check for gaps around light fixtures and doors, etc.  

·      Use LED Christmas Lights: LED lights are growing in popularity, and it’s no wonder why! Switching to LED Christmas lights can save you a ton on your energy bill this winter.

·      Adjust Water Temperature: Did you know you can save money on heating by just changing the setting on your water heater? According to the US Department of Energy, heating water accounts for 18% of the energy used in your home – so just reducing the temperature down to the warm setting (about 120 degrees) can make a big difference in the bottomline.

These are just a few of the cost cutting ways you can save money this fall and winter on your energy bills. Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas is your local Plano handyman, happy to help assess your home for efficiency and then do the work for you! No hassles, fast estimates, and fast turnaround. We can’t wait to work with you! Give Castle Doctor a call today for your Plano energy audit and home maintenance needs.