5 Steps to a Healthy Fireplace

We don’t ever think of our fireplace in terms of health, but we should. Over time, age, wear, and natural causes can deteriorate your fireplace and chimney, causing it to be less effective – but even more than that – dangerous! In fact, 43% of home fires are related to fireplace issues.


With that in mind, follow these easy steps to a healthier fireplace!


Step 1: Have your Fireplace Cleaned Annually


Fall is the perfect season to get professional fireplace cleaning in Plano. Soot and debris can build up throughout the year, so before the winter weather rolls in and you want to build a fire, have a Plano chimney sweep out to clean and inspect.


Step 2: Inspect the Exterior for Damage


Just like any other part of the home, the chimney suffers wear and tear. Inspect the outside of the chimney for chips, cracks in the mortar, loose bricks, etc. Also, take a look at the chimney cap and make sure it’s still working properly to keep debris, rain, and other pests out of the chimney area. Any maintenance issues can easily be handled by your local Plano handyman.


Step 3: Examine the Fireplace Interior


The same applies to the interior of your fireplace. Make sure there are no cracks in the bricks and that there aren’t any issues with your fireplace guard.


Step 4: Choose the Right Wood


All wood is created equally – or is it? When building a fire, use only well seasoned hardwoods that are dry and have been seasoned for at least 6 months. Oak is a prime wood for burning. Using fresh wood or softer woods like pine burn off a by-product called creosote that can build up in your fireplace and is highly flammable.


Step 5: Build a Safe Fire


Place wood to the back of your fireplace on a metal grate and keep the fire small. A fire that is too big can put off so much heat that it cracks the fireplace.


Not sure where to start on getting your fireplace ready for winter? Give the experts at Castle Doctor in Plano a call today to help with all your fireplace maintenance needs!