Energy Efficient Windows Will Help With the Summer Heat!

As the temperatures continue to rise during the hot Texas heat, it’s important to follow these helpful warm weather window tips from Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas in order to maintain quality energy efficiency from your windows!

At Castle Doctor in Plano, TX, we love windows and the incredible value they bring to a home. Many would consider windows to be one of the most attractive features to look for in a new home. With it’s many provided amenities such as views, appropriate daylight, ventilation, and more, it’s easy to see why great windows are highly valued. However, poor energy-efficient windows can account for up to 10-25% of your energy bill by either letting heat out in the winter or by working extra hard during the summer.

Castle Doctor in Plano will help you maintain an energy efficient home during the hot Texas summer!

Castle Doctor in Plano will help you maintain an energy efficient home during the hot Texas summer!

In warmer climates like Texas, our handyman professionals at Castle Doctor recommend installing ENERGY STAR-qualified windows along with other energy-efficient windows to give your air conditioner a break. In addition, there are some simple tips you can follow to save on your energy bill this summer. Always use curtains and shade to your advantage. You can install white window shades, drapes or blinds to reflect heat from your home. In addition, you should keep curtains on the south and west-facing windows closed during the day. For additional shade, you can install awnings on south and west-facing windows and apply sun-control or reflective films on south-facing windows.

Following these tips will certainly start to give your air conditioner and energy bill a break during the long, hot Texas summer. Of course, the immediate benefits of added comfort and functionality will make you a happy homeowner this season. Castle Doctor in North Texas can check your windows to ensure they’re operating as efficiently as possible. Our professionals will provide the window repair you need to have a cool, efficient summer. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation and we’ll see you soon!