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I am a long-time customer of Castle Doctor and it’s my sincere pleasure to write a recommendation for them. They have done a lot of work in my personal home as well as for numerous clients. Consistently, they are skilled, honest, reliable and reasonable. I’d recommend Castle Doctor to any homeowner.
— Ryan Sabel, Ebby Halliday
Castle Doctor is an easy and convenient way for us to manage our home care and resolve our maintenance items before a real issue surfaces. Castle Doctor is prompt and generally close by if a need arises. We believe the value we receive each month in preventive maintenance and care results is a more cost efficient manner to deal with homeowner issues. Our monthly service program has been extremely easy to use with Castle Doctor communicating with us monthly to schedule appointments and our regular handyman being familiar with our house has been easy to resolve issues or to suggest areas for us to consider for preventive maintenance.
— Tom Bibby