5 Ways to Prevent Rodents from Invading this Fall

Castle Doctor knows that as cooler air falls on Plano, Texas, everyone wants to cozy up inside – even the rodents and insects!

Your best defense against pesky rodents like insects, mice, raccoons, and squirrels is to seal off every possible entry point on the exterior of your home. Focus on these areas to keep unwanted nuisances out:

1.    Inspect Areas Under Construction

If you’ve had any home maintenance, new appliances installed, or renovations done on your home in the last year, double-check the work. You may think your home is sealed, but construction or installation teams can sometimes leave holes that you never realized exist. (P.S. At Castle Doctor, we guarantee our work and would never leave a job undone.) Appliance installations – such as dishwashers or refrigerators are a top offender in this category.

2.    Walk the Exterior

Twice yearly – when the air gets cooler in the fall and when the air gets warmer in the spring – walk the exterior of your property. Look for any cracks where you see light shining through or can feel airflow. In the fall, mice are often looking for a warm nest and can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime! Make sure even the smallest holes are sealed.

3.    Seal Windows and Doors

In North Texas, we love to leave our windows and doors open when the cool air sets in. Before doing so, be sure to look for any cracks in your screens, missing window screens, worn out home weather stripping, etc. and seal off accordingly.

4.    Keep Plants Away from Entry Points

Speaking of doors and windows, keep houseplants a safe distance from your home's main entry points. Greenery and plants are a perfect place for small insects and rodents to hide, so give yourself a few feet between the doors and the plants to avoid them darting into the home when doors are open.

5.    Install Preventative Measures

One of the easiest pest control tactics is to put glue traps throughout your attic or other crawl spaces. Check the glue traps periodically, and if you see signs of life, then you can tackle the issue before it becomes a real problem.


Want a home maintenance expert to inspect your home for potential problem areas? Call Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas today! We can schedule an in-home consultation for all your Plano home maintenance and rodent control needs.

Castle Doctor can help with all your Plano home maintenance and rodent control needs!

Castle Doctor can help with all your Plano home maintenance and rodent control needs!