Are you Overlooking these Bathroom Maintenance Issues?

The bathroom is one of the most heavily used rooms of the home, and yet it’s easy to overlook maintenance issues that could quickly become a major headache.


Here’s our advice at Castle Doctor: look at your bathroom with fresh eyes this week and evaluate your home for these common bathroom maintenance issues:

·      Shower Caulking and Grout: Caulking and grout are essential to keep water out of places it isn’t supposed to be! Look around the bottom of the tub and around the shower door; is there a thick bead of caulk visible? Any place where you see that grout is gone, loose, or mold stricken, then you know it’s time to re-grout or re-caulk your shower. Otherwise, aim to do this about every year-2 years.

·      Toilet: Every time you clean the bathroom, use a cleaning rag to test for water around the bottom ring of the toilet. If you find that the area is damp, consider it an early sign that the sealing ring is in need of replacement by a professional handyman. Also, here’s an old plumber’s trick: lift the lid off the back of the toilet periodically to see if anything seems off. If so, call a Plano plumber immediately before the issue worsens.

·      Sink: The bathroom sink can harbor a lot of bacteria and mold, and much of that starts in the drain. Pull the drain plug out completely and clean on a regular basis in order to avoid clogs and mold buildup in your sink. Also inspect around the faucet for leaks.

·      Exhaust Fan: If you want to keep your bathroom humidity levels low and mold at bay, be sure to clean the exhaust fan out on a regular basis to aid in the airflow throughout the bathroom.

If you suspect you ned bathroom repair, call Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas today for a free in-home consultation. We’re a handyman, plumber, and carpenter all in one – providing all the services you need to keep your bathroom (and entire home!) in impeccable condition.

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