Back to School Checklist: "Three Rs" of Home Maintenance

Back to school season is a great time for homeowners to do their own homework and assess any maintenance that needs to be done around the home.

back to school home maintenance plano


The American Society of Home Inspectors – the ASHI – recommends following three simple “Rs” of home maintenance to prevent more costly issues down the road and maintain home value:


1.    Replace

With summer comes heat, and heat can definitely take its toll on our homes in Plano – requiring certain items to be replaced more rapidly. Walk around your home and look for any loose caulk or warped boards that have pulled away from the home due to heat. And what about your air filters? Take this opportunity to replace filters and batteries you may have neglected to replace during the summer months.


2.    Repair

Fluctuations in temperature can wreck havoc on the exterior of your home, causing cracks in the foundation, masonry issues, roof damage, cracked walkways, and more. Take a close look at the exterior and interior of your home and examine for home maintenance issues. Repairing these issues now will prevent most costly Plano home maintenance repairs in the future.


3.    Remove

Back to school season is a great time to remove debris and overgrown shrubbery before the Fall season. Check for clogged gutters and remove debris accordingly. Trim back overgrown tree limbs that could cause issues if a storm blows through. Did you have some of your landscaping bite the dust during the summer? Remove any dead plants that may be causing an eyesore.


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