10 Essentials for a Basic Toolbox

As a homeowner, maintenance and projects are inevitable. You can hire a Plano handyman – like Castle Doctor – or you may choose to tackle these projects on your own. Even if you don’t intend to handle all large maintenance projects, be prepared for any project big or small with these 10 toolbox essentials:


·       Hammer: Probably the most used tool there is, the hammer can assist you with anything from handing a picture on the wall to nailing down loose trim. Be sure to get a claw hammer so that you can use one side to pry up old nails and hammer new ones with one simple tool.

·       Tape Measure: Another tool you will find yourself using all the time is a tape measure. Be sure to get one that is 25 feet long and retractable.

·       Screwdrivers: Start by purchasing 2 of the most common screwdrivers: a Phillips-head screwdriver (with the cross-shaped tip) and a flat head screwdriver. These will serve you well in the majority of home repair projects.

·       Drill: So many tasks around the home are that much simpler with a drill. Opt for a cordless one with a rechargeable battery for maximum convenience.

·       Utility Knife: When working with thick, rough surfaces, you’ll need an extra strength tool to cut through. A utility knife – also known as a box cutter or razor knife – is essential for cutting through insulation, old carpet, drywall, and more.

·       Basic Level: Skip the fancy options, and get a basic bubble level to add to your toolbox. A 4-foot model will do, and make sure it can show you when things are flush (straight up and down) or level (perfectly flat).

·       Flashlight: You likely already have one of these in your home, but add an extra to your toolbox. You never know when you need to rummage around for wires in the attic or inspect the breaker box in the dark.

·       Carpenter’s Square: Choose both a large framing square and a speed square to add to your toolbox to assist with creating square edges, testing right angles, and measuring short spaces.

·       Pliers: Add a set of needle-nose pliers with a pointy tip, adjustable flat-nose pliers, and side-cutting scissor-like pliers to your collection.

·       Stud Finder: The perfect tool to help with hanging pictures or decorations on the wall, a stud finder makes it simple to know where the studs are in your walls for secure hanging.  

Feel like you have a home maintenance project in Plano that you cannot handle yourself? Give your Plano handyman a call at Castle Doctor!