5 Commonly Overlooked Home Repairs that Need Attention Now! - Castle Doctor Plano

If you own a home, then you know that home maintenance is a never-ending list of thing to do. There are tasks we easily remember – switch the batteries in our smoke detectors, mow the lawn, replace air filters, etc. – but then there are other tasks that never cross our mind until it’s too late.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – here are 5 commonly overlooked home repairs to handle now:


1.     Drain the Water Heater


The hot water heater is used daily, but many forget to service until a problem arises. Hot water heaters should be drained annually to avoid any buildup of sediment in the bottom of the unit. A professional can drain the sediment and inspect the rest of the unit to ensure everything is in fine working order.


2.     Inspect the Roof


In North Texas, we normally see our share of spring storms, many of which bring hail with them. Even moderate hail can cause dimpling in your shingles or cause shingles to become loose. Have a professional out annually for a roof inspection so that faulty shingles can be repaired before water leaks arise.


3.     Re-grout Tile

Over time and use, tile grout – particularly bathroom shower tiles – begin to show signs of wear. To prevent moisture leaks and further corrosion, have a professional re-grout and reseal the tile throughout the home.


4.     Re-seal Granite Surfaces


When was the last time your granite was sealed? Granite is a natural stone, and depending on use, it is recommended to have it sealed every 6-12 months. How do you know if it’s time? Spill some water on it and see if it beads up. If it beads up, you are sealed. If it appears to be seeping into the granite or spreading, then it’s time to re-seal.


5.     Snake the Main Line


Anyone who has experienced a sewer main backing up into their home knows the importance of this simple task. Have a professional snake your main line annually to prevent buildup or to clean any roots that many have grown in through tiny cracks.


Call Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas today to help you with these and other Plano home maintenance projects today!