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During the week of March 14th, the Environmental Protection Agency wants you to remember to check your home for leaks and get any potential leaks fixed. The Fix a Leak Week campaign is sponsored by the EPA in an effort to cut down on annual household water waste – waste that is in the upwards of 1 trillion gallons annually!


Get the Facts


Are water leaks really that big of a deal? Here are just a few stats released by the EPA on water leaks each year:


·      The average household leak can waste as much water as you would need to wash 270 loads of laundry.

·      The water wasted annually by American households is equal to the annual household water use of 11 million homes nationwide.

·      Homeowners can save about 10% on water bills by addressing water leak issues.


Leak Detection Tips


So how is a homeowner to detect common water leaks?  Here are a few tips:


·      Analyze Common Culprits: There are certain fixtures in the home that just tend to leak more. Be sure to check for drippy faucets, leaky valves on the exterior of the home, and worn out toilet flappers.

·      Check Winter Water Usage Stats: In the winter, your water usage should be more consistent; therefore, it’s a good time to analyze the numbers. A family of four should not use any more water than 12,000 gallons per month. If your water usage is higher, there is a good chance you’ve got a leak somewhere.

·      Check the Water Meter: Check your water meter, don’t use any water for 2 hours, and then check it again. If the number is not exactly the same, then there is a leak.

·      Food Coloring Check: Toilets are common leak culprits. You can find out if yours is an issue by putting food coloring in the toilet tank. If after 10 minutes the food coloring has migrated to the toilet bowl – without any flushing – then there is a leak somewhere.


Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas wants to help you find and fix leaks in your home! Take advantage of Fix a Leak Week and give the experts in leak repair in Plano a call! Our handyman service is second to none. We can find the leak, fix it, and then recommend other preventative measures – like replacing worn out gaskets, showerheads, etc. Our team does it all! Give the best handyman in Plano a call today!


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