Let Castle Doctor Handle Your Fall Home Maintenance

As the cooler weather creeps in – ever so slowly in North Texas! – it’s time to start thinking about Fall maintenance for your Plano home. Castle Doctor is here to help with a checklist of things to do now:

·     Seal the Home: Apply caulk and weather stripping around doors and windows to prevent leaks and better insulate your home from the cold. Not to mention, it will cut down on your heating costs this winter.

·     Inspect the Roof: Before the winter storms roll into Plano, Texas, make sure your roof is in tip top shape. Look for leaking vents, corroded flashing, and damaged shingles.

·     Clean the Gutters: as leaves fall, clean and remove debris.

·     Fireplace Inspection: call an expert – like Castle Doctor! – to inspect your fireplace for soot and creosote build-up. Also, if you have a wood burning stove within the home, have those inspected as well.

·     Furnace Maintenance: Inspect your heating system and replace or clean furnace filter.

·     Winterize: Winterize outdoor water sources like irrigation systems and faucets by turning off valves or covering spouts with insulated covers.

·     Repair walkways: Look around outdoors for damaged sidewalks, driveways, or steps that may need to be redone before issues are compounded by icy conditions.

·     General Family Safety: Make it a bi-annual tradition to test smoke detectors, CO monitors, fire extinguishers, etc. A good rule of thumb is to do these things each time the time changes (like it will in a few weeks!)

If you are overwhelmed by this list of Fall maintenance tips, don’t be! Castle Doctor is your local Plano handyman! Each of our technicians is thoroughly tested and experienced, and we can handle these things and more with ease. Give our team a call and decide what level of service is best for your Plano home. Don’t be overwhelmed with Plano home maintenance; let Castle Doctor handle it!