Let Castle Doctor Help You with Home Maintenance

It’s a homeowner’s nightmare. You’ve been in your Plano home for a few years, you’re out of the new homeowners warranty period, and things just start breaking around the home. Unfortunately for you, you are not the handyman type and don’t know where to start. Fortunately for you, Castle Doctor is your personal handyman on call who can take care of your Plano home maintenance – big and small!

Castle Doctor’s approach is unique, in that we let you decide what level of service you need, and then we’re on call to take care of the job! Let’s explore the different Membership Levels available at Castle Doctor in Plano:

Preferred Member

Maybe you live in a newer home that requires less maintenance, or just don’t anticipate needing as much help from a handyman – then this plan is for you! Just put your credit card on file with Castle Doctor, and anytime you have an issue, you’ll receive preferred member pricing on all your repairs and we guarantee we’ll call back in less than 48 hours. No upfront fee; just the service you expect!

Gold Member

With Gold member pricing, our team will come out and give you a free in home consultation and discuss your needs. The call back period is cut to 24 hours, and you’ll receive 10% off of the already discounted preferred member pricing! This plan also includes perks such as free first handyman service, free hour of services ($125 value), and annual records at your fingertips.

Gold Plus, Platinum, and Platinum Plus Members

Each of these plans provides turnkey care for your Plano home! The square footage of your home will determine which level of membership you need, but each of these memberships comes with an amazing 12 hour call back time, 20% off of our preferred member pricing, a 24/7 support hot line, no trip charges ever, free labor for preventative home maintenance, a home supply kit, and more! Castle Doctor in Plano completely takes over the home maintenance and maintenance prevention of your home so that it’s one less thing for you to worry about!

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Give Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas a call today to discuss which level of Plano home maintenace service best fits your needs!