Are Your Outdoor Faucets Winterized?

The weather is getting cooler in North Texas, and it’s important that your home is ready for the winter weather. We’ve already had quite a few nights that have dropped down into the thirties!


One commonly overlooked part of home winterizing is the care taken to winterizing your outdoor faucets. Many homeowners – particularly in North Texas – don’t realize this is necessary, but that is completely false.


In order to avoid issues with your pipes and damage to your water lines, follow these easy steps to get your outdoor faucets ready for cooler weather:


1.     Disconnect the Garden Hose: Walk around the property and find all outdoor hose bibbs. Whether your hose bibbs are frost-proof or not, it’s always a good idea to remove the hose from the spigot anyway. This ensures that water will not get trapped in the line and cause damage.

2.     Properly Store Your Garden Hose: Once removed, untie any knots or kinks in the line, then allow all standing water to drain freely from the hose. Once the water is removed, it’s best to coil the hose up like a snake for storage in a warm, dry place. Before storing, inspect the hose for leaks or tears. Many hoses are under warranty and can be replaced free of charge – you’ll just need to check with your manufacturer.

3.     Inspect the Hose Bibb for Leaks: Hose bibbs can get leaks from time to time, and a knowledgeable Plano handyman can help you locate the issue and repair those if necessary. If you see an issue, give Castle Doctor a call right away for a speedy repair before the winter months roll in.

4.     Drain the Line: You’ll want to make sure all water is removed from the line by shutting off the supply line, then turning on your outdoor faucet to let that water run freely. Even if you do have a frost-proof hose bibb, this step ensures that no issues occur.

5.     Take Extra Precautions: Invest in an insulated hose bibb cover (found at your local hardware store) or upgrade to frost-proof hose bibbs.


Not sure you have the time to winterize your faucets? Want to install front-proof hose bibbs? Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas can help! Give us a call today to help with all of your Plano handyman needs!