Save Money & Time on Plano Christmas Light Removal

Whether you did an elaborate light display or keep it pretty simple and traditional, the way that you remove your Christmas lights can have a big impact on how much time and money you spend on Plano Christmas light installation in the future. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind that will help you save money – and time – in the future:


·      Take Down Lights Immediately: We’re not saying you need to be out there on Christmas Day eve pulling down the lights, but removing the lights sooner – rather than later – will extend the longevity of the lights. Not only can bulbs go out from extended use, but strands can become damage by wind, rain, and snow.

·      Ball Them Up: Once removed, it’s smart to wrap your stands of lights into spherical balls for optimal storage. Loop the strands 5 times one direction, then turn the “ball” 90 degrees, and wrap 5 more times. Repeat until you’ve created a ball of lights.

·      Label Your Strands: If you plan to do the same light display next year, creating a blueprint of where all of the strands go on the home, and then labeling the strands accordingly will make Plano light installation a breeze next year.

·      Store in Cardboard Boxes: Did you know that cardboard boxes absorb moisture? Storing your lights in cardboard boxes can keep them drier and extend their life.

·      Save on New Lights After Christmas: After Christmas sales are a great place to pick up new lights, blowups, or new bulbs at great prices.


And the biggest tip we can offer is this: If you don’t want to take down your lights yourself, you can always call Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas! Our team of handymen can easily perform Christmas light removal quickly and efficiently. Remember Castle Doctor for all your Christmas light installation needs in 2016! Proudly serving Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and the surrounding communities.