How to Keep Your Disposal Running Properly

During the holiday season, most Plano homeowners give their disposal a workout. Between cooking, baking, and cleaning up large meals for friends and family, the last thing you need is for your garage disposal to give out and get clogged.


Here are a few dos and don’ts from Castle Doctor to keep your disposal running properly this holiday season and avoid Plano garbage disposal repair:


1.     Only Run Cold Water: If you want to clean dishes, use hot water; if you want to run your disposal use cold. Cold water helps to harden foot, making it easier to grind. When you run hot water, it softens the food and could cause it to cling to the sides of the disposal vs. grind and drain.

2.     Run Your Disposal Daily: Just like a car, your disposal needs to be run from time-to-time. Make it a habit to run it daily to prevent odors and food build up.

3.     Know What NOT to Put Down the Drain: This probably goes without saying, but non-food items do not belong in your garbage disposal. Paper, metal, plastic, or glass will either destroy or jam your disposal. Grease, potato peels, pasta, large bones, pits, and the like are also not your disposal’s friend.

4.     Freshen with Citrus: The next time you peel an orange, skip the trash can and throw the peels in the disposal, run some cold water, and grind. The citrus peel will not only make your sink smell great, but it will help to grind any unwanted food particles that are stuck to the sides of your disposal.

5.     Cut Large Chunks: When putting large chunks of food in the disposal, try to cut them down in size before running it. This will prevent breakage or blade jams.


If you do happen to run into a jam with your garbage disposal, give Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas a call! We’re your one-stop Plano handyman and our team will be out in no time to diagnose and fix the problem. Check out our levels of membership service today!

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