Preparing Your Chimney For Warmth and Safety This Winter

Our team at Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas offers this chimney repair tips to maintain a warm and safe fireplace this winter.

With January well under way and the winter weather making it’s major debut this New Year, our team at Castle Doctor is here to provide some helpful tips for maintaining you fireplace this winter season. Although your fireplace may seem like the most low-key item in your house, it can actually be one of the most costly elements to fix if you ignore annual maintenance and repairs. Without following this chimney repair tips, you could actually impair the performance of your fireplace or worse, start a dangerous and costly chimney fire.


If you like to keep a fire going throughout the winter, Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas recommends you consider the following maintenance items and necessary repairs. Soot and creosote are natural byproducts of burning wood. Both items can build up and restrict airflow in your chimney, damage the inside of your chimney and, at worse, start a chimney fire. In order to ensure your chimney isn’t at a point where it might catch on fire, our handyman professionals recommend you get your chimney inspected on a regular basis.

There are various levels of inspection for your chimney. A level-one inspection is a simple viewing by a certified inspector who can look in your chimney with a flashlight to pinpoint any damage, obstruction, creosote or soot build-up and determine whether or not your chimney needs a sweep. A chimney sweep should be done once a year and can cost you around $200.

A level-two inspection might be necessary if you’ve had dramatic weather events such as a tornado or hurricane come through your area or if you’ve made major changes or additions to your existing fireplace. This allows a certified inspector to make regular inspections as well as time to get in the attic, crawl space and roof to search for any disrepair that might have occurred.

If you’ve never had your chimney inspected, contact our home maintenance professionals at Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas. Our team is eager to serve you and your family to ensure you have a safe fireplace for the cold winter months.