Keeping Pests and Rodents Out of Your Home with These Tips from Castle Doctor!

With the coolness of September and the onset of fall weather, follow these tips for keeping pests and rodents out of your home from your home maintenance professionals at Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas!

Just as you and your loved ones enjoy the crisp air and cooler temperatures that the fall season brings, rodents and pests alike look for opportunities to make way into your home to keep warm from cold nights. Even with your best attempts, mice, rats and squirrels make their way through eaves, the garage, pipes and basements. Our handyman professionals at Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas offer these tips to keep those rodents away for good!

Follow these tips from Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas to keep pest and rodents out of your home!

Follow these tips from Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas to keep pest and rodents out of your home!

We’ve found that mice, rats and squirrels are the big culprits making their way into your home during cooler months of the year. There are many ways to combat these rodents; primarily traps and poisons. Poisons, of course, are an easy and silent way to kill off these rodents. The problem with poisons is you never know if they’ll die inside your home or, preferably, outside! However, there is minimal effort in using poisons and they’re highly effective in fighting these creatures.

Traps require much more work and monitoring but are also extremely effective. Some traps are made to catch these critters alive and others are made with lethal intent. Traps for mice and rats are often of the lethal kind while it’s humane to trap squirrels alive and let them free in the wild. But again, there takes constant monitoring of these traps or you have the same issues of rodents expiring inside your house walls.

Another alternative, which is quite better and cheaper than traps and poisons, is to simply do the work of not letting these creatures in your home in the first place. Much like dealing with burglars, the harder you make it to break in, the more likely they’re to give up and try elsewhere. Our handymen at Castle Doctor can inspect your home and pinpoint locations that mice, rats and squirrels will find their way into your home. Areas like the garage, basement, roof and areas with large enough crevices for rodents to slip through will take the most work. We can take a look and recommend the best ways to fight off these intruders!

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