Preventative Home Maintenance Tips for the Hot Summer Months!

Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas recommends simple, preventative home maintenance tips to keep your home in superior condition throughout the summer months!

Although it took longer than normal, we’ve officially hit 100-degree weather in Texas! The hot summer months can be brutal but are also some of the best times to treat your home to a handy, preventative home maintenance check-up. Our handyman professionals at Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas are available to come at your convenience and give a complimentary in-home consultation to check your home for any possible signs of damage or potential warning signs.

Consider preventative home maintenance like you would consider getting an oil change for your vehicle. Routine check-ups can go a long way in keeping your house running like it should and prevent you from any unnecessary headaches or wasted money. A lot of these items can be done by yourself and if you get stuck or have any questions, you can call your local handyman at Castle Doctor in Plano to get the job done right!

However, the key is keeping up with a helpful task-list to be completed periodically so you don’t get overwhelmed with so much to do and so that you don’t forget to keep up with your home and find yourself with a bigger issue than there ever needed to be! Summer is an excellent time to take care of your home’s exterior and use the prolonged hours of sunlight to get bigger projects taken care of! Here is a check-list of some items to take care of throughout the summer and in preparation of winter:

Take Care of Any Insect Problems

It won’t be too hard for you to notice insects and bugs out and about during the summer months. Be sure to keep specific poisons handy like ant killer, wasp spray, etc… If you see signs of termites, give your Castle Doctor handyman a call to figure out the best plan of action!

Clean and/or Repair Your Deck or Patio

A good washing never hurt any one and re-staining is especially nice! Also, be on the lookout for loose boards or posts.

Clean Any Exhaust Vents on Your Home’s Exterior

From the outside of your home, you should be able to smell the nice scent of fresh laundry coming out of your dryer exhaust vent. Check for blockages if not and also clean the hose of your dryer to continuously prevent house fires.

Clean Your Garage

Summer is a great time to clean your garage and get things in order for the next school year. Plus, it’s just great getting to spend some time in your garage!

Follow these helpful summer preventative home maintenance tips from Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas and give our handyman professionals a call with any questions you might have!