Home Maintenance Projects to Consider During the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas offers these home maintenance projects to consider during your time off over the Thanksgiving holiday!

From our family at Castle Doctor to you and yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you were surrounded with those you love as we consider how fortunate we all are! We are certainly thankful to be your local handyman, taking care of basic home upkeep in Plano and North Texas! As you have some extended time off and enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday at home, here are some home maintenance projects to consider!


The fall offers enjoyable days to be outside taking care of home maintenance projects. This weekend is the perfect time to inspect your exterior paint. A touch-up can prolong the life of your homes siding and trim, especially before any snow and freezing rain makes its way into town! Take care of this before temperatures drop any lower, as most paints don’t apply well when the temperature drops below 45-50 degrees.

Another home maintenance project to consider as the holidays arrive is to fix major home appliances. The holidays will take a toll on your kitchen and laundry room as you celebrate with family and friends. You’ll want to make sure your kitchen appliances and washer and dryer are working properly before the holidays arrive. Contact our trained technicians at Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas and let us take a look at your major home appliances!

Even though the leaves are falling and your grass is changing colors, now is the time to take care of your lawn to ensure your lawn looks healthy and beautiful come spring. There are several fall lawn care items you can be doing over the Thanksgiving weekend such as raking leaves, aerating, fertilizing and winterizing. This will allow your lawn and garden areas to slumber well and stay nourished throughout the winter season.

Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas is your handyman repair company serving you and your family with home repair and maintenance along with property maintenance and more. We look forward to serving you and your family as we kick off the holiday season!