Helpful Tips from Castle Doctor to Take Your Garage to the Next Level!

If you’re looking for tips to better clean and organize your garage, follow these helpful practices from Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas!

Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas is your go-to home maintenance professional for home improvement ideas and practices. If you own a home with a garage, then you’ve seen how quickly it can become unorganized and simply a space for clutter. Our team at Castle Doctor provides these helpful tips to clean and organize your garage to best utilize this great space in your home!

Your garage is an optimal place not only for your cars but also for numerous off-season items and can serve as a great place to store your belongings. Our first line of helpful tips would be to take advantage of various storage options. You can go to places like Lowes, Home Depot or the Container Store to find great storage options like freestanding shelving units, pegboards for tools and wooden shelves for heavier boxes and items. Looking into these storage options helps you eliminate clutter on the floor and, therefore, frees up space.

Pegboards take your tool organization to a whole new level with an assortment of hooks and stow options for your frequently used tools such as screwdrivers, hammers and wrenches. Moreover, slatted wall panels with sturdy hooks are great storage options for larger gardening tools such as shovels, rakes and power tools. Anything you can do to hang these items and keep them off the floor will provide a cleaner and safer garage.

Another option for a clean, organized garage is to look into epoxy garage floor coating. This will not only enhance the look of your garage, but will actually help you keep your garage floor more clean. These coatings are tough and durable and provide excellent functionality. Epoxy is a topical sealer and is, therefore, anti-dusting meaning you won’t kick up the dusty powder from normal traffic on bare concrete. Moreover, epoxy is naturally moisture resistant. With these, it makes for easy cleaning of dirt, dust, water and other particles that surface from garage use.

Contact your handyman at Castle Doctor in Plano to talk more about garage organization and flooring options. We look forward to serving you in this popular area of your home!