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The Risks of Putting off Home Maintenance - Castle Doctor

It starts innocently enough. You notice some warping, sagging, and cracks in the fascia board on the exterior of your home. You tell yourself, “I’ll get to it one of these days.” Without maintenance, the issue worsens, water damage occurs, insects get in, etc. and what could have been a simple fix is now costing you thousands to repair.

Castle Doctor sees this situation play out time and again, and our goal is to educate our clients on the risks involved when home maintenance is prolonged:


Risk #1: Reduction in Home Value

According to home appraisal experts, a home can lose up to 10% of its appraised value when maintenance is neglected. In Plano, Texas, where the average home price is $385,000, this could mean a reduced value of over $30,000! When a home looks worn out or in need of obvious repairs, an appraiser quickly takes note. This not only affects the current value, but the economic age of your Plano home as well.


Risk #2: Missed Appreciation Potential

Homes in North Texas sell extremely well and appreciation is almost a given, but just like your home can lose value due to non-maintenance, it can also appreciate less. Don’t risk losing money on your greatest asset by missing routine maintenance.


Risk #3: Costly Repairs Down the Road

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Performing routine maintenance now alleviates stress and prevents costly issues in the years to come.


How do I get started?

Want to change the way you view home maintenance in Plano? Start by calling Castle Doctor! Our team will offer a free in-home consultation, at which we can address all your concerns and do a walk-through of your home. From there, Castle Doctor will create a home maintenance plan perfectly tailored to your needs. We partner with you to provide the best home maintenance service in Plano, hassle and stress free. 


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Get Your Weekends Back: Call Castle Doctor Today!

It’s a homeowners nightmare.


You’ve worked hard all week, and all you want to do on the weekend is relax, refocus, and spend some time with family. Maybe your children have activities all weekend that you need to be a part of. Maybe there is a festival you’d like to attend. All the while, thoughts of all of the Plano home maintenance projects that need to be done around your home keep haunting you.


We have a solution that will help you get your weekends back: call Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas today!


Call us today and your time is no longer spent on pesky home maintenance projects. Here’s how it works:


Monthly Membership


When you sign-up for a membership with Castle Doctor, a Plano handyman is just a call away. We offer many levels of service to meet your needs, from preferred member pricing to the Platinum Plus package. You decide what level of home maintenance you need and we will take care of it. To see the complete list of options, visit our website.


Quick Response Time


Depending on the package selected, a handyman will be out to your home in 12-48 hours. This means that the minute you notice an issue, our team will be at your home in no time to address the issue. No trips to Home Depot or Lowes, just one quick call and you leave the work up to us.


Early Detection and Preventative Maintenance


Once you’ve been with Castle Doctor a few months, you’ll begin to see the beauty in early detection and preventative maintenance. Our team will provide you will annual health reports for your home, along with home maintenance kits, all maintenance records emailed, free monthly walkthroughs, and more. Kiss those last minute emergencies goodbye thanks to early detection by Castle Doctor.


If you’re tired of spending your whole weekend on home maintenance in Plano, give Castle Doctor a call today! 

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Small Home Maintenance Projects to Do Now

We’re good at remembering the big things.

Change air filters. Winterize our outdoor faucets. Etc. Those are project we are used to doing in January. But what about the little things? Castle Doctor can help! Start the new year off right and perform these Plano home maintenance projects now!


·      Clean Tub and Sink Drains: Gross right?! But it’s a necessary evil. Everyday use can cause hair, dirt, and other particles to build up in your drains, causing them to back up or drain more slowly. If left untackled, the backed up drain can cause water to stand in the tub and pipes, allowing mold and mildew an opportunity to grow. Hit the issue head on by removing the drain assembly and feeding a drain stick down into the pipe to remove any build up. After it’s clear, pour bleach down the drain to kill off any bacteria, mold, and mildew that may be lurking.

·      Examine and Clean Weep Holes: If you have a brick home, this is an important one. Weep holes are the tiny gaps that appear between some bricks that allow the brick to breathe and moisture to flow out, helping the brick not to deteriorate. Inspect your weep holes for clogs or deterioration, and remove debris accordingly.

·      Clean Gutters: Gutters clogged with leaves, debris, and ice cannot do their job. Standing water can cause wood to rot and the exterior of your home to deteriorate. Removing clogs can help the water flow our freely and improve the overall appearance of your home.

·      Maintain your Lawn: It’s tempting to let your lawn go in the winter, but you’ll pay for it in the long run. Remove remaining leaves and twigs that are sitting on your lawn from the Fall. This allows rain and snow to easily seep through to your grass and for the grass to breathe.


If you need help with any of these Plano home maintenance projects, call Castle Doctor! Our monthly membership program is perfect for the busy homeowner who doesn’t have the time or energy to tackle these mundane tasks. You can count on Castle Doctor to be your local handyman with quality results and fast turnaround. 

The Truth about Gutter Guards and Covers

As we make our way into the Fall, many homeowners in Plano, Texas have been considering how to handle the accumulation of leaves in their gutters. 

Gutter guards – or covers – have popped up all over the place as a solution for preventing leaves and debris from clogging gutters. But are they worth it? Castle Doctor can help you navigate the world of gutter guards and help you make an educated decision on whether or not to install gutter guards at your home.

Types of Gutter Guards

There are various products on the market, each unique in its approach at keeping leaves out while letting water in:

·     Reverse curve gutter guards: This type of guard is installed to help the water flow around the curve and into the gutter, while letting the leaves fall to the ground.

·     Mesh gutter guards: Very simple to install, sheets of mesh are attached above the gutter at the roofline.

·     Nylon gutter guards: Pliable, nylon sheet that is bent over the gutter to prevent debris from falling in. These are also great in the Northern states, where ice accumulation and snow are common gutter problems.

·     Bottle brush gutter guards: Think of a bottle brush placed on it’s side in the gutter to prevent leaves from falling in and clogging the gutter.

·     Foam gutter guard: Similar to the nylon guards, the foam guards fit into the gutter, blocking all debris.

Are Gutter Guards Right for My Needs?

When considering installing gutter guards to fulfill your maintenance needs in Plano, TX, it is important to realize that gutter guards still require some maintenance. Yes, they cut maintenance, but you may still have to clean debris off the top of the gutters. Also, some types – like the mesh variety – may keep leaves out, but do little to prevent spores, small seeds, etc. from clogging the gutter.

If you are considering gutter guards, give Castle Doctors a call today! We can recommend an installation method that is best for your home, and we can handle all maintenance moving forward. It's what we do!

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Let Castle Doctor Help You with Home Maintenance

It’s a homeowner’s nightmare. You’ve been in your Plano home for a few years, you’re out of the new homeowners warranty period, and things just start breaking around the home. Unfortunately for you, you are not the handyman type and don’t know where to start. Fortunately for you, Castle Doctor is your personal handyman on call who can take care of your Plano home maintenance – big and small!

Castle Doctor’s approach is unique, in that we let you decide what level of service you need, and then we’re on call to take care of the job! Let’s explore the different Membership Levels available at Castle Doctor in Plano:

Preferred Member

Maybe you live in a newer home that requires less maintenance, or just don’t anticipate needing as much help from a handyman – then this plan is for you! Just put your credit card on file with Castle Doctor, and anytime you have an issue, you’ll receive preferred member pricing on all your repairs and we guarantee we’ll call back in less than 48 hours. No upfront fee; just the service you expect!

Gold Member

With Gold member pricing, our team will come out and give you a free in home consultation and discuss your needs. The call back period is cut to 24 hours, and you’ll receive 10% off of the already discounted preferred member pricing! This plan also includes perks such as free first handyman service, free hour of services ($125 value), and annual records at your fingertips.

Gold Plus, Platinum, and Platinum Plus Members

Each of these plans provides turnkey care for your Plano home! The square footage of your home will determine which level of membership you need, but each of these memberships comes with an amazing 12 hour call back time, 20% off of our preferred member pricing, a 24/7 support hot line, no trip charges ever, free labor for preventative home maintenance, a home supply kit, and more! Castle Doctor in Plano completely takes over the home maintenance and maintenance prevention of your home so that it’s one less thing for you to worry about!

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Give Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas a call today to discuss which level of Plano home maintenace service best fits your needs!