Get Your Weekends Back: Call Castle Doctor Today!

It’s a homeowners nightmare.


You’ve worked hard all week, and all you want to do on the weekend is relax, refocus, and spend some time with family. Maybe your children have activities all weekend that you need to be a part of. Maybe there is a festival you’d like to attend. All the while, thoughts of all of the Plano home maintenance projects that need to be done around your home keep haunting you.


We have a solution that will help you get your weekends back: call Castle Doctor in Plano, Texas today!


Call us today and your time is no longer spent on pesky home maintenance projects. Here’s how it works:


Monthly Membership


When you sign-up for a membership with Castle Doctor, a Plano handyman is just a call away. We offer many levels of service to meet your needs, from preferred member pricing to the Platinum Plus package. You decide what level of home maintenance you need and we will take care of it. To see the complete list of options, visit our website.


Quick Response Time


Depending on the package selected, a handyman will be out to your home in 12-48 hours. This means that the minute you notice an issue, our team will be at your home in no time to address the issue. No trips to Home Depot or Lowes, just one quick call and you leave the work up to us.


Early Detection and Preventative Maintenance


Once you’ve been with Castle Doctor a few months, you’ll begin to see the beauty in early detection and preventative maintenance. Our team will provide you will annual health reports for your home, along with home maintenance kits, all maintenance records emailed, free monthly walkthroughs, and more. Kiss those last minute emergencies goodbye thanks to early detection by Castle Doctor.


If you’re tired of spending your whole weekend on home maintenance in Plano, give Castle Doctor a call today! 

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