3 Things to Vacuum (Besides your Floor!) - Castle Doctor Plano

When we think about vacuuming, we often think about vacuuming our floors. But within a home, there are other key areas that need to be vacuumed out regularly to save you from costly repairs down the road, provide more energy efficiency, and give you an overall healthier Plano home. Consider taking advantage of this winter month to focus on these home maintenance projects:


1.     Vacuum Dryer Vent: According to the National Fire Protection Association, dyers are a leading cause of fire in the home. And the leading cause for a dryer to be involved in a fire – lack of cleaning. When you clean out the lint tray on your dryer, you are only doing part of the work. It is important to remember that lint can still get through to the duct work, which over time, can buildup and cause your dryer to work less efficiently – or worse – creates a recipe for a potential fire.

2.     Vacuum Refrigerator Coils: Your refrigerator coils are there to cool and condense refrigerant in your refrigerator, and when they get dirty or clogged up with dust, then they cannot release the heat from the refrigerator. The result: less energy efficiency and stress on the refrigerator as a whole. Clean the coils at least twice a year for maximum efficiency (more often if you have pets).

3.     Vacuum Return Air Vents: You have two lungs in your home – the lungs in your chest and the “lungs” in your duct work. When vents and duct work get clogged, it means you are breathing less-than-stellar air. Vacuum your return air vents and hire a professional to vacuum out the duct work. You’ll see a reduction in energy costs and will be breathing fresher air.


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